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The Advantages of the RayGuard® Swiss pine energy plus

Using various testing methods, different independent studies have shown that stone pine has the property of reducing the heart rate of a person under stress. Also, people who stay or sleep in rooms with stone pine are less stressed and more relaxed than those who are not exposed to the influence of stone pine. The recovery process of the vegetative system is considerably accelerated by the stone pine. It regulates functions that we cannot otherwise influence, such as heart activity, blood pressure, distribution of blood flow, depth and frequency of breathing, etc.

If one sleeps in a bed made of stone pine or stays in a room that is substantially influenced by stone pine, a significantly better quality of sleep and relaxation is measurable. The relaxation phase occurs quickly and the positive effect of a restful sleep can be felt during the day. Also the heart rate is noticeably lower. The average reduction is 3,500 heart beats per day. This corresponds to about an hour of heart activity.

The RayGuard® Swiss pine energy plus brings the po­sitive properties of minerals and Swiss stone pine wood into your rooms.

Minerals and their Properties

Ancient knowledge about the enormous power of plants, minerals, metals and the technical expertise of RayGuard® form the foundation for the production and distribution of the RayGuard® products. The minerals and metals are finely ground and specially combined. 
RayGuard ® products have been amongst the most innovative of its kind on the market for more than 20 years.

RayGuard®trial series: 
The RayGuard ® Technology was testet by Dr. F. Marinelli  (CNR Bologna). Source:

These tests revealed:

1. Electromagnetic exposure shows a clear reduction in the natural cell growth and a change in the cell cycle after 48 hours of exposure.
2. The application of RayGuard ® results in significant increase in cell growth rate and change of cell cycle.

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